This group project requires student teams of three to develop a targeted Food Advertisement.


As a team, select one edible food item to feature in the advertisement. It can be a singular, whole food, like a banana, a recipe or a dish, like salsa, an ingredient, like cinnamon, or a product category, like cereal. The advertisements must be original, so avoid existing packaged products, like ‘Clif Bars’, and present total, not single-ingredient, nutrition information for multi-ingredient items like smoothies. The nutrition information for most single and multi-ingredient food servings can be found at FoodData Central.

The Written Portion

The written portion is a short summary consisting of sections A.B and C. It does not require a market research review, nor will it be evaluated based on the marketing data it presents. The team’s ability to align a food with the nutrients featured, the biological functions those nutrients possess, and consumer wants and needs will be the primary basis for grading. Information gathering is needed to complete the written portion, but works cited are not.

A. Describe the food. Include information like where it originates, how it is customarily eaten or used, where it is purchased, what food group it fits into, and for multi-ingredient products, what the main ingredients are. The most important part of section A is to identify 2-3 nutrients or phytochemicals that provide in one serving an amount that qualifies to use the FDA nutrition claims described in C and that satisfy the nutrition needs of the audience described in B.

B. Describe the target audience. Include demographic information about who buys the food, what about it they value, which styles and cultures they might identify with, and most importantly, what their nutrition needs are.

C. Describe the advertisement. Include information about the delivery format, whether video, graphic, song, etc., and the fonts, colors, and artistic themes that will attract the target audience. The most important part of section C is the description of two featured FDA-approved nutrition claims that will appear in the ad. The claims can be Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims, or Structure-Function Claims, but they must be relevant to the target audience, legitimate, and properly worded. To learn the FDA criteria for Nutrient Content Claims use, review Appendix A-B, and to differentiate between Health and Structure-Function claims and the requirements for their use, review Appendix C.

The Graphic Portion

The graphic advertisement is a visual product of the descriptions provided in the written sections A-C. It can be in any format- digital or print, hand-drawn, colored, black and white, realistic, abstract, still, or video recorded- as long as the theme appeals to the target audience, the food item, and two nutrition claims are displayed, and the presentation details are on point. The advertisement must be embedded beneath this heading, The Graphic Portion (external links are okay as long as they work) in the same pdf file as The Written Portion.


The Canvas Assignment, ‘Submit Group Project‘, will open and begin accepting submissions on April 1, 2023, and will close and stop accepting submissions on Saturday, April 22nd at 11:59 pm. Please complete your project with enough time to practice a test submission, make needed changes, and resubmit before the deadline, as Canvas submissions will electronically restrict submissions at the scheduled deadline and email submissions will not be received.

One group member must submit one .pdf file that is titled with the advertised food item, for instance, Bananas.pdf.

If needed, please use the Assignment Comments to add a message with your submission rather than emailing the 3-4 members of the grading team. Keeping communications regarding the project centralized allows our team and yours to work more efficiently and have a more satisfying grading experience and timeline.

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