Object Oriented Project with Java

GMS is a gymnasium management system that helps any gym receptionist or help desk staff to manage the gym members’ accounts by:

1) registering members who can be singles or families

2) applying special discounts to some members

3) Registering members in physical activity classes and services

4) Displaying invoices and related search results.

The GMS has two types of members: single and family. The member class is a super-class abstract that has the common attributes and methods in all types of members.

The two sub-classes SingleMember and FamilyMember each extends the superclass and define other more specific attributes and methods. The gym system also offers many Services (abstract class) that can be divided into two subclasses Class (e.g., cardio, and cycling) and Amenity (e.g., swimming-pool, and steam-room).

After adding the members and services to the system. The help desk staff would be able to register any member in any services. The help desk staff are also able to apply a special discount on some memberships if the member is registered for 10 years or more. The gym Also offers the VIP costumers additional discount in some of classes only.

Keeping the above-mentioned problem statement, explain the following 3 steps in detail

1. Draw a Class relationship diagram using UML symbols [1 mark for creating the class relationship diagram using UML notations].

2. Give complete java programming implementation for classes that were found in design phase. You must mention their most probable instance variables and methods. [4 marks]

You should keep in mind that there are many ways to solve this problem statement. Be creative and provide detailed solution to the problem.

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