Personality Theories

Working as a psychology consultant at a local prison, you have been tasked with creating a presentation on personality theories to a case manager that helps identify personality traits of offenders in an effort to find programs and services for them.

Create a 10-slide presentation with speaker notes.

Add the following in the presentation:

  • Discuss the role personality plays in general behavior and emotional interactions (2 slides).
  • Provide an overview of the selected personality theory (2 slides).
  • Describe the theorist of your chosen personality theory, including their background (1 slide).
  • Examine how the theorist views people and personalities (1 slide).
  • Explain which concepts of the theory are relevant to today’s culture (1 slide).
  • Examine how those concepts are valuable within this workplace (1 slide).
  • Analyze the emotional and behavioral interactions that make this theory relevant to this population (2 slides).
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