Poetry in English

You are required to write a referenced essay in about 2000 words on any one of the following topics. Refer to at least two critical literature related to the poems.

1.      Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130, by William Shakespeare, are two of the most well-known ‘Fair Man’ and’ Dark Lady’ sonnets. Both are similar in theme, however, the two poems are very much contradictory in style, purpose, and the muse to who Shakespeare is writing. Elaborate with proper explanations and quotes from the sonnets.

2.      Nature was a philosophical and spiritual guide to Wordsworth. Explain with regards to the poems’ ‘Daffodils ‘’ and ‘’ I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ ’with the help of suitable quotes and references.

3.      ‘’Ode to a Nightingale’’ brings out the elusive nature of happiness in human life and deals with musings on mortality. Explain the Theory of Negative Capability  and a  brief suspension of disbelief in the poem by John Keats

You may follow these guidelines to complete your assignment:

4.      Read various academic articles on the poems in questions.

5.      Research well on the poet – his/her life, literary contributions

6.      Write an academic essay with an introduction to the poet and the poem in question, address the question in the Body and in Conclusion try to relate it to the real life and situations, mention if the poem in question is relevant to the present time.

7.      You should be elaborating on the poem using correct poetic devices, poetic concepts and terms

8.      Quote from the poems to support your argument.

9.      Refer to at least two critical literature related to the poem

10.  In text citations and references should be clearly reflected.

11.  The writing should be completely yours; copying from other sources without proper attribution will be penalized.



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