Political Science Question

You are permitted to use any current event issue that you want (however, see note below.) Below are five ideas you can use if you wish. There is plenty of information via the internet for all of these issues.

  • Immigration – Should the Federal government restrict foreign immigration into the U.S. more than it currently does, less than it currently does, or keep about the same and how is it, or should it, implement this policy? How does/should the government address undocumented immigrates?

  • Short term rental law in the City of San Diego. This has been far more complex, different and interesting than what we saw in Carlsbad, and has changed several times already.

  • Covid 19 Federal Government Response – how well or how poorly has been the Federal Government’s response to the Covid 19 crisis and why? There is certainly significant information and differing opinions on this topic.

  • County of San Diego Contracting Animal Control Services – very recent issue. If you choose this topic, don’t get confused between the role of the County of San Diego vs the City of San Diego in the information you read.

  • City of Encinitas Housing Element – the City had failed for years to meet the State’s requirements for housing and low income housing planning. Hint – the overall issue involves a process called the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA). Recent (past year) changes in this important issue.

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