Research in quantitative applications

Task 2
In this task, you will work on checking assumptions, transforming data, and performing statistical tests
calculations by hand.
Follow these steps and document all your work in a journal:
1. Identify multiple assumptions relevant to the one-way ANOVA test. Perform tests for these
assumptions and fully discuss the results of the tests (CILO 1.1 – Assumptions).
2. Describe the most appropriate options for data transformation for the data, apply the selected
transformation, and explain why that particular choice of transformation was selected (CILO
1.2 – Transformation).
3. Complete all mathematical calculations needed to perform the statistical test, showing all
working in a clear and standardized format (CILO 2.1 – Arithmetic).
4. Draw the graph or table as appropriate, including all data points and all appropriate labels,
and providing any summary statistics (CILO 2.2 – Graphs)



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