SCI207 A Carbon-Neutral Energy Plan for Arzaville

Imagine that you are a resident of Arzaville, a community whose characteristics are described below. You have come together with your neighbors for a special meeting to devise a plan for helping the community become carbon-neutral by 2050, meaning that by that time, no net carbon dioxide emissions will be produced by residents as a whole.

Fortunately, you have all attended the meeting with knowledge that you have gained from your readings in this course. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on and get to work! Your plan should consist of the following elements:

  • Energy conservation measures (e.g., promoting carpooling by adding special lanes to local highways).
  • Steps to move toward sustainable energy production (e.g., installing solar panels on town government buildings).
    • Reducing energy consumption will help, but some actions will have to involve switching to other power sources for buildings and vehicles as well.

This week’s discussion will take place in an online app called Tricider. There, you will be able to post your ideas for plan components and share pros and cons of different proposals during the week. Finally, you will be able to vote on the three components that you think the plan should include.

For directions on how to use the Tricider app, please review the Tricider Help Guide In Tricider.You will be expected to do the following:

  • Post at least two separate and entirely original ideas. Do not duplicate ideas already posted by your peers.
    • Include your full name for each one.
  • Post at least six different pros and six different cons for your classmates’ proposed ideas (12 in all).
  • Welcome to our Tricider curriculum. Here are the specifics on the city of Arzaville. Tricider allows us to survey each other. This assignment is rather fun an frankly it’s a great way to interact with each other without writing long essays. I hope you enjoy yourselves.
  • Arzaville:Population: 32,000Avg. High Temp (Dec): 34oFAvg. High Temp (June): 62oFAnnual Precipitation: 62 in.Urban Area: 14 sq. mi.Main Power Source: natural gas
  • Overview:The community of Arzaville is located near sea level at the base of a snow-capped mountain, on a secluded ocean inlet, surrounded by rugged, forested land. The only access to the city is by ferry or plane; no roads connect it to other communities in the region. Winters are wet, mild, and long. The city serves as the capital for the state of New Bridgepoint. As such, government agencies are its leading employer, though tourism is also a major source of income, followed by commercial fishing. The city is renowned for its scenic beauty; tall mountains capped by glaciers can be seen from the downtown.

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