Science question

  • Recording information (data, thoughts, ideas, questions, etc) is very important practice in conducting research experiments (and engineering design projects) and can make the difference between an illustrious or lackluster career depending on how serious you take this task and how inspired you are to put the time in. Now with electronic media being pervasive, there are a number of options which may supercede the need for pencil and paper in note taking. I personally asked myself a question a number of years ago about this (Is there is a difference between physical writing vs. typing or other electronic means of recording data on how the information is processed and retained?). It was just hypothetical musings but it turns out that this is a topic of interest in today’s neuroscience community.Please read the following article and associated information and answer the following questions.

a.) Using the scientific method as a guideline, highlight the key points of this study in the context of the scientific method. Describe the basic question(s) that is(are) being asked and why it is relevant. Is there a clearly articulated hypothesis? Describe the experimental design. Is it reasonable?

b.) Analyze the study and the data that was collected. What are the main conclusions? Is it reasonable and does the study support the conclusions? What are some of the problems with the study? Be as thorough as possible How would you improve the study to make it more Broad reaching?

c.) What new questions does this study bring up? Plan a follow up study based on one of your questions.

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