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Research Proposal

This assignment involves drafting a research proposal.  This assignment is particularly important for students considering graduate education.  The assignment is meant to be a proposal only and involves no direct data collection although an informal “pre-test” may be appropriate.

The final proposal should demonstrate your ability to define a researchable question, to develop working hypotheses or propositions, to develop a relevant literature review on the question, to draft a methodology to answer the research question, and to report and evaluate your “findings”.

The final proposal should cover the following areas:

  1. Statement of the Problem

– clearly identify the research problem and the purpose of the research.

– state the research question in the form of a question.

– develop appropriate hypotheses or research propositions (what you expect to find).

  1. Review of the Literature

– summarize the literature that was reviewed in relation to the research problem.

– identify and summarize conclusions of other research studies focusing on the problem you are studying.

– highlight any issues pertaining to methodology.

  1. Research Design and Methods

– describe the design selected.

– methodological considerations may include:

  1. Sampling

– what is the total population under study.

– what type of sample will be selected and how.

– can the results be generalized to the larger population.

  1. Instrumentation

– provide any operational definitions of variables.

– method of collecting data (interviews, questionnaires, secondary data, etc.).

– if using an interview schedule or questionnaire include a draft in the appendix.

– how will you pre-test.

  1. Data Analysis and Conclusions

– summarize the major findings you expect to find.

– relate these to the research question and hypotheses or propositions.

– you may wish to include hypothetical/expected findings in the appendix.

  1. Limitations and Ethical Considerations

– discuss the limitations and ethical considerations that you have identified in your proposal.

– how would you do it differently.

– what impact do you expect the limitations have on the findings.

  1. Timeline and Budget

– give an estimate timeline for completion.

– provide an estimate of expected costs.

Length of Assignment: 10-15 pages (not including Appendix – eg. Survey instrument, etc), typed and double-spaced, 12pt

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