Supply chain and logistics

  1. Discuss the importance of customer expectations in relation to distribution management and link them to specific features of the different transportation modes.

  2. Evaluate different methods of international payment and compare elements of international trade and global governance.

  3. Recognise the wider implications of transportation systems, logistics operations and supply chains on society, the environment, globalisation and the role of controlling technologies.

Task and Mark Distribution:


Research new and emerging technological developments in Supply Chain and Logistics Management that will potentially reduce the carbon footprint of activities within the aviation industry. Select a “green” technology of your choice and relate your selection to a scenario that will hopefully reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the many processes undertaken in the aviation sector. This could be any green technology used in the process of supplying products sold at airports, any aspect of passenger or cargo transport or any asset manufactured for the aviation industry. Following are the guided questions to prepare your report:

    1. State which sector of the aviation industry to which you intend to relate your answers; give reasons for your choice. (Indicative words count: 350). (learning outcome 3 & 4)

    2. Survey secondary sources and provide a referenced mini literature review of your chosen clean technology judging its potential or current application in the aviation sector you have selected (Indicative words count: 1000). (learning outcome 2 & 4)

    3. Outline the financial and other implications of overseas trade for a company that might be selling your chosen green technology globally (Indicative word count: 750 words). (learning outcome 3)

    4. Evaluate the environmental and social effects of your chosen clean technology that a global company operating in your chosen sector should be aware. Discuss how other businesses in your chosen sector might be persuaded to adopt the clean technology you are pioneering (Indicative words count: 900). (learning outcome 4)

    5. Present your work in the format of a professional report that has a cover page, abstract, contents list and numbered sections. Work should be fully cited and referenced and follow APA 7th/Coventry University Harvard Style. Work that forms part of the presentation will not be included into the word count.

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