Surgical Procedure Manual

Develop a standardized set of procedure references

You have been hired at Dr. Liberty’s Medical facility. You will be working full- time, as part of the “MA team” for Dr. Liberty and three other physicians/providers. You are tasked with creating a resource manual that will help the MA team be able to assist all providers in minor office surgeries and office procedures easily.

The physician group has decided that they will be offering the following in minor office surgeries and office procedures:

Part One: Cards for procedures 1-5:

Due- 4/26

1.Cervical Biopsy

2.Suture In / Laceration Repair

3.Sebaceous Cyst Removal


5.Incision & Drainage (I & D)

Tray cardsThe providers have asked your team to develop a standardized tray set-up resource for each of the surgeries that may be scheduled. The document should include, at a minimum, the following information:

Identifying all the needed sterile and non-sterile items, ancillary supplies and equipment.

. Correctly identifying each item as either

. on the sterile tray or

.on the side/countertop (be specific)

. Specific pre-operative instructions

. Specific post-operative instructions

. Brief description of the procedure

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