Use Xcode to create the Main Storyboard

Design Brief:

Problem Statement: Basic alarm clocks are old and ineffective. It’s too easy to just turn it off and go back to sleep. Developing a new style of alarm clock will lead to more productive and alert people.

Solution Proposal: To address the problem, we will develop an alarm clock that requires the user to complete a “challenge” which is going to me a mathematical problem  in order to complete

Design Criteria:

  • App will allow users to set an alarm for any time of day

  • App will allow users to pick a different alarm tone

  • App will allow users to choose their alarm challenge (type of mathematical problem(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division ))

  • App will allow users to choose sleep sounds (e.g. forest rain, ocean sounds, etc.)

  • App will give users access to basic configuration settings. (e.g. Light Mode/Dark Mode)



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