Virtual Live Performance

Your paper must include the following components:

1) Statement as to why you chose the concert;

2) Description of the performance venue (Research this if not readily available);

3) Description of the size and age of the audience;

4) Description of the participation and attention of the audience;

5) Comments on each work on the program:*

*At a Jazz concert or musical theater event, you may choose five of the pieces/songs to comment on in detail. Choose two or three selections from each act or part of the performance. If an orchestra or choral concert has quite a few selections, do the same as mentioned above.

A) Which style period is it from? B) Was it a precise performance? C) Your musical enjoyment

6) Statement and details as to whether or not you enjoyed the concert (over all);

7) Details regarding how the music affected you;

8) Statement as to whether or not you would recommend a program like this to your friends (why or why not);

9) Any other insights or observations or anything that surprised you.

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