For this assignment you will choose, and carefully read, two published classical music concert reviews from any of the sources listed below. One review should be related to a vocal performance and the other review should be related to an instrumental performance. The objective of this assignment is for you to learn how music reviewers who attend classical music concerts discuss the music and performances they experience in live performance settings. As you write your papers be sure to give the title and source of the reviews, the name of the reviewers, and the type of musical performances being reviewed. Include any other pertinent information such as the date, location (performance venue), name of the group or individuals performing, and works and composers on the program. Do not do a comparison of the two reviews! As you read each review take note of and discuss the different types of information given by the reviewers. Report on each reviewer’s writing style focusing on their use of vocabulary (academic or conversational), organization, tone (e.g. critical, informative, etc.), and potential target audience. Assess the overall effectiveness of the passage in conveying the information related to the works on the program, the performers, the performance space, and the performance itself. Be prepared to share some of your observations about the reviews in our class discussion and feel free to use short quotes from select passages of the reviews or your paper in your discussions.

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