women studies

Your reaction paper should contain references to both in-class materials and your readings.

Each reaction paper will be a 2-page, double-spaced typed response that addresses each of the following questions as a complete sentence or as a short answer. Well-argued perspectives, familiarity with the readings, viewings, and in-class material and discussions concise writing style, and proofread papers are expected.

  • Significance/Impact: What is the significance of the material? Can you find themes or major claims within the materials that share common threads? How do these claims impact the study of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies?
  • Important Concepts: In your opinion, what are two important/interesting concepts or terms introduced in the reading/viewings/discussion? How would you summarize or define these using your own words?
  • Synthesis: Develop a conclusion about what you now know about course topics that is important and new to you that simultaneously takes into account the reading for this module.
  • Personal Reflection: What is your reaction to the material/discussions? How do the materials and discussions aid in your understanding of the topic, and how can you deploy your learnings in your life?

SOURCES: Women as Reward – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

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