Workers’ Compensation Claims and Cost Management Plan

Choose an organization/business such as (Walmart, Kroger, McDonalds, Home Depot, or any other business) and draft a written system (aka program) that sets forth activities and guidelines that the company should undertake to manage workers’ compensation claims and costs within the organization.

The majority of this plan will essentially be a “light and modified duty policy” (aka early return-to- work program) that sets forth practices and policies for the organization to:

1) return workers to their original pre-injury positions.

2) manage the process of light and modified duty within the work environment.

3) minimize loss for the organization.

4) contain and control other sources of workers’ comp costs. The completed product for this assignment should take the form of a company policy document rather than a research paper.

A brief summary of the organization’s business and operations should be included at the outset of the plan.

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