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Before the Civil War, American nativism often focused on the religion, i.e. the Catholicism, of second wave immigrants such as the Irish and Germans. The goal for this discussion is to work together to develop a deeper understanding of nativism in the antebellum period by critically examining the core ideas of the nativist argument. After completing the assigned readings and viewing the lecture, please use and cite the documents in Gjerde chapter 5 (posted under this week) to address the questions below. The Daniels book is not required for this discussion, but you are always more than welcome to integrate it, especially for historical context.

What does Thomas Whitney imply in his argument regarding the “Word of God”?

Other than its political effects, why does Whitney fear Romanism in the United States?

What is the central irony (incongruity) in Samuel F.B. Morse’s demand that Roman Catholic immigrants not be allowed to naturalize and participate as citizens?



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