Analyse Brand Strategies

Work individually to analyse existing brand strategies and develop an integrated marketing proposal to drive Lululemon’s future growth, based on the case attached [ Lululemon Athletica].

Imagine yourself as a brand manager of Lululemon; your Marketing Director is asking you to evaluate the brand performance and propose a growth plan. Your marketing proposal MUST include the following,

1.Analyse category, competition, and consumer trends

2.Assess the situation of the Lululemon brand ~ how well does it execute on its brand positioning through the core elements of the marketing mix?

3.Develop a proposal covering 1] your recommended option and 2] related marketing strategies (4P decisions) to support this strategic direction.

The tools you need to use for the above analysis and suggestions are:

situational analysis, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and 4P strategies.


All your work needs to involve:

product, brand, style, communications and channels.

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