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build a workbook in Tableau: Data Analytics with Tableau – Exercise

in this exercise, Work through the steps of building a project in Tableau. Follow the steps that are described in the web site provided below. Once complete, submit the file for grading:

The following web site will walk through the process of building a workbook in Tableau:

adults clinical week 7

Describe your clinical experience for this week.

  • Did you face any challenges, any success? If so, what were they?
  • Describe the assessment of a patient, detailing the signs and symptoms (S&S), assessment, plan of care, and at least 3 possible differential diagnosis with rationales. Please use a 32 years old patient with hypothyroidism symptoms.
  • Mention the health promotion intervention for this patient.
  • What did you learn from this week’s clinical experience that can beneficial for you as an advanced practice nurse?
  • Support your plan of care with the current peer-reviewed research guideline.

Nursing adults Discussion week 7

you are seeing a 15-year-old female patient for a gynecological exam and to explore birth control options. The patient’s mother scheduled the appointment after learning that her daughter has become sexually active. The patient is current with all immunizations, including Gardasil, and has no significant health history that would contraindicate the use of birth control.

  1. This is the patient’s first gynecological exam, and she expresses feeling nervous and embarrassed that her mother has shared her sexual experience with strangers. Taking this into account, how would you begin the patient encounter?
  2. As you begin asking questions to determine the patient’s gynecological history, the patient appears frustrated and embarrassed and reminds you that she has only had sex one time. What should the patient understand about the importance of reviewing gynecological history?
  3. What are the most popular birth control methods prescribed in the United States? What determines the success or failure of a birth control method?
  4. The patient expresses a desire for the most effective form of birth control but is concerned about weight gain and other side effects. How should you respond to her concerns?
  5. The patient seems unsure about the best option for birth control and asks if she can take some time to think about the choices. As the use of birth control is ultimately the patient’s choice, you offer to answer any questions and agree to a follow-up visit or call. The patient asks whether using a condom is okay if she decides to have sexual intercourse before selecting a method of birth control. What should you tell her

measures of central tendency

Respond to the following questions.

  1. What are some considerations for choosing a measure of central tendency?

[Enter your response here.]


  1. What impact do variable types have on testing when considering central tendency?

[Enter your responses here.]


  1. Which measure of central tendency was most appropriate for each of your variables? Why?

[Enter your response here.]


Managerial Economics (ECO 506)

Use the dataset “assignment-data” available on LMS. It has a data by year on US gasoline consumption

(G), gasoline prices (PG), per-capita income (Y), price of new cars (PNC), price of used cars (PUC), and population (POP). By using the data, perform the following tasks:


  1. Calculate gasoline per capita consumption (GPC) and draw a line graph and interpret the trend.


[2 marks]


Economic theory suggest the following, in relation to a demand function for the gasoline:


GPC = f(PG, Y, PNC, PUC)


With a regression model in log form as follows:


log GPC = logA + B1 log PG + B2 log Y + B3 log PNC + B4 log PUC



  1. Determine the signs of regression coefficients using economic theory and provide reasoning
  • Run a simple regression model (by using equation 1 above) and interpret regression coefficients and elasticities and provide reasoning for each coefficient. Are the regression coefficients similar to the economic theory? If not, what could be the reason? Consult some academic literature.

[10 marks]


  1. Now create previous year gasoline consumption (LPrevGPC) variable as an independent variable and re-run regression model (equation 2) as follows:


log GPC = logA+B1 log PG+B2 log Y +B3 log PNC+B4 log PUC+B5 log PrevGPC,


Where the expression B1/(1 − B5) is in fact long run elasticity of demand. Calculate this long run elasticity of demand and interpret the number by comparing it with short run price elasticity. What conclusion would you draw from these estimates?

[4 marks]


  1. What sort of recommendations you would make as an analyst to an energy firm operating in the USA in relation to the pricing and disposable income in particular.


[4 marks]



real estate

This week we will be discussing the final walkthrough before closing. Read The Balance’s article by Elizabeth Weintraub, “Tips for Doing the Final Walkthrough Before Closing on a Home” (attached). In it, Elizabeth stresses the point that final walkthroughs aren’t home inspections… nor are they a time to begin negotiations with the seller to do repairs.” Reflect on the information in the article, then give your thoughts on a few questions. Here we go…

  1. A point is made that buyers may be tempted to pass on the final walkthrough. What would you say to your clients to have them reconsider that stance?
  2. Scenario #1: You do the final walkthrough with your client and find that some of the agreed upon repairs the seller agreed to have done… weren’t. How would you approach this situation?
  3. Scenario #2: The home inspection showed no blaring issues, but you do the walkthrough two-days before closing and you find a problem. How would you address this with your client, the buyer? The seller and their agent?

My discussion boards are opinion oriented. That being said, remember net etiquette and be sure to provide a brief explanation/justification for your viewpoint. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, just your personal, thoughtful response.

Mt 106 unit 9 journal: company branding

Branding is important for companies to establish themselves in the customer or client’s mind. As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, the company must distinguish itself from the competition. Branding involves attributes such as the font type used in the company’s name, the company logo, and the social causes a company supports. It also involves how they treat stakeholders, their ethics, reputation, promotions, mission and values, all that people think of when the company’s name is mentioned. Think of Walmart’s logo symbolizing the inspiration of Sam Walton, the Google logo with its letters of different colors, McDonald’s arches, or Patagonia’s simple lowercase letters in a particular font. Each one of these companies has come to be associated with certain attributes in the customer’s mind.

Scenario: This company produces dog and cat treats and has a small kiosk in the town’s outdoor mall. They need your help.

Make sure to view the branding activity prior to addressing the bulleted items. Then do some research on the Internet on pet food and supply companies.

  • Who does the scenario company want to attract to their products?
  • What kind of competition do they have in the marketplace?
  • What branding should they use? Describe it and why it is effective.
  • How will they distinguish the branding you suggest from the competition’s?
  • Where should the scenario company use this branding, and why?
  • Create a brand for this business

NA NAGA – Artificial intelligence task

Please answer the below tasks in separate documents and add referecens at the end of the dicument


2.1 Mind maker 2

Thoroughly read the text The Mind of the Maker.

How do Sayer’s analogies for creation from an “artist/writer” perspective and her 3-part creative process fit within the framework of computer science?

For this assignment, you will either write an essay response or engage in a discussion with your classmates. Your instructor will email you notifying you at the start of the course if you should write an essay or engage in discussion with your peers. Click on the words “Click to Launch” at the top of the page to access the discussion board.

Write a 500-Word Essay: Note: If there are fewer than 5 students in the course, you should write a 500-word essay response and post your essay response to the discussion board.


2.2 AI and IA

Read the article by Dr. Fred Brooks:The Computer Scientist as Toolsmith II. Note what Brooks believes about AI and its pursuit.

Pdf link:

What is the difference between AI and IA according to Brooks? How does this impact our use of AI and IA?

For this assignment, you will either write an essay response or engage in a discussion with your classmates. Click on the words “Click to Launch” at the top of the page to access the discussion board.


Newman’s theory views health as a process of expansion of the consciousness and not the lack of the healing process or illness. On the other hand, the relational theory views health as a means of identification and understanding relationships to ensure good health. A major parallel observed between the relational inquiry theory and Newman’s theory is that Newman’s theory is focused on an individual who may not be suffering,whereas the relational approach has its practice centered on the patient. According to Newman’s theory, health is not regarded as the absence of sickness or a process of an individual being healthy; instead, health entails an opportunity of one expanding on their consciousness as a result of the choices that they make(Younas & Quennell, 2019). The relational theory, on the other hand, is focused on establishment of a therapeutic relationship between the patient and the nurse hence comprehending the core reason behind the patient’s suffering. Another parallel between the two theories is that the relational approach is committed in the nurse patient relationship, while the Newman theory only favors the primacy aspect of relationships (Rasheed et al., 2019).


The two theories entail a similar understanding of people.Newman’s theory views an individual as an open system capable of being affected by the environmental shocks. The psychological, physical, developmental, spiritual, and social aspects are included in the theory. The relational theory takes into perspective how self-development is premised on patterns from the interactive process and the relations with other individuals. In self-development, the individual gets to interact with different external aspects thereby improving on their consciousness (Younas & Quennell, 2019). Newman’s theory understands individuals in a different manner from the relationalapproach as it has the opinion that they should accept the stressors and view that as a part of improving on their consciousness. The relational theory, in return, v

business law

1. Although tort law is generally concerned with striking a balance between the desire to provide compensation and the desire to protect socially useful activities from liability, that issue is particularly important in the context of the tort of negligence. Why?

2. How will a court decide whether or not a duty of care will exist in a particular case?

please submit in the Assignment 3 Drop Box on Moodle how you would have decided the Mustapha case if you were the judge and why.

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