ANT 11. Short Written Tasks

Generally describe the various subfields of anthropology. Why is this area of investigation considered to be among the most holistic perspectives that study human behavior?

2. Know how the New World was originally populated. When and where did this most likely take place? What are some of the current arguments that try to explain the population numbers present in Latin America before the arrival of Columbus?

3. The field of Anthropology differs from disciplines that study human behavior in that it uses a unique method of investigation. The approach requires that cultures and communities be studied holistically, comparatively, and relativistically. Explain.

4. In our increasingly interdependent world, why might studying the anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean be so important?

5. Why is the study of shantytowns important? Why are works by Oscar Lewis and NancyScheper-Hughes so controversial? In what ways are their arguments different and similar, and why?

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