Anthropology Question


What are the categories of colonialism?

Most scholars define colonialism as the unequal relationship between groups – political, economic, or cultural. It is thus expected that studies on colonialism focus on the relationship between the colonized and the colonizer. However, Week 2 readings argue that the dichotomy between the colonized and the colonizer is arbitrary.



Need to prepare a one page, summary paper of key themes found in the course readings (articles I provided).

-Need to highlight the major points from the readings and offer reflections, critiques, and/or questions.

-One page, MLA heading (name, professors name, class, date) and all but single spaced throughout the paper.

-Use info to reflect upon this guide question to support it… cite at least one phrase from each article.

-To do an in-text citation, you must do (Author’s last name year of publication:pg #) – Ex: (Lape 2000:149).

-No works cited page, just have those few in text citations within the one page paper.

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