Application to Group Counseling

Read the chapter sections on “Application to Group Counseling” for the following approaches:

-Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

-Reality Therapy

-Post-modern Narrative Therapy

For each approach, describe:

  1. how you would use the specific techniques described for each approach in a group; and
  2. why the group setting can be beneficial for clients.

Second Assignment:

This question requires a minimum of 600 words (please use the word count feature in your computer). Please submit in MS Word (not a pdf) and as an Attachment (not as a Text Submission).

In Family Therapy, several structures exist for assessing family units and their dynamics. Describe the details of the assessment process for the following approaches:

  1. Multigenerational Family Therapy
  2. Human Validation Process Model
  3. Structural-Strategic Family Therapy
  4. For this question, also please describe the difference between how an individual therapist and a family therapist might view a client who suffers from an anxiety disorder.
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