If you had a chance to visit one ARAB CITY, which one would it be and why? Explain your choice.

2- As you learned it, the most adopted style of communication of the peoples of the Arab World (I don’t mean every single person. There is no doubt that there are exceptions) is the HIGH CONTEXT.

Because of customs, traditions, and training, the peoples of the Arab World use high-context, communication. In your view, is it a positive means of communication?

Now, that many Arab communities are living in the US and will probably adopt it as their home, should they adopt LOW CONTEXT instead? Or not change their style of communication?

3- Write a paragraph about the ARAB WORLD.

4- Write a short paragraph about ALGERIA

5- In the 70’s, Iraq’s many resources contributed to its wealth.

What are some of IRAQ’S RESOURCES? What do you know what them?

6- In your view, what is the most crucial (extremely important) resource of the

Arab World and why Explain.

7- In your opinion, which ARABIAN PENINSULA or GULF STATES country is the best one to live in? And why?

Choose only ONE (1) country and base your choice on specific, economic, and cultural argument

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