Architecture project

part 1

this part is all about data and project statistics. You are given site plan designs with design proposals that require planning and policy analyses that your team will summarize in a Planning and Policy Report for each site. At minimum, your team must determine if the project proposals meet the intent of the Official and Secondary Plans, Zoning By-Laws, and any other applicable regulations or guidelines.

Deliverables: Your report shall include both a written summation (not cut and paste) and a Zoning Matrix (chart) for each site. Your summation must include move-forward and potential design recommendations after determining whether the proposal meets planning ordinances, and if not, what form of amendment would be required.

Part 2

This part of the project is about applying findings from Part 1 in the development of fully resolved and dimensioned site plans and site sections, using AutoCAD, as well as 3D massing diagrams, using Revit.

Deliverables: Site Plan, Site Section, 3D Axo Diagram, 3D Streetscape Diagram

Note: the 3D diagrams are not developed architectural designs or renderings – they are massing models. You are to include 3 digital images (max) that define architectural intentions.

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