Basics Of Research Results for Dawn Long

Question 1

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Stratified random sampling is used to ensure:rect!


representation of groups indicative of the population






similar groups



Question 2

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In recent years, many statisticians have argued


for looser application of measurement requirements


for stricter adherence to the four levels of measurement


that there is only one level of measurement


that Likert scales should be avoided



Question 3

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What is the simpler distinction between measurement levels that is common among contemporary statisticians?

correct Answer

categorical and quantitative


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nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio



quantitative and qualitative



individual, group, race, and type



Question 4

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What does it mean if a sample is “representative”?



it has similar characteristics as the population



it is unique



it is ethical



it is a convenience sample



Question 5

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The degree to which a study supports a causal relationship is:



internal validity



construct validity



discriminant validity



external validity



Question 6

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What is a biased sample?



a sample that is systematically different from the population



a sample of people with strong opinions



a sample that has uneven groups



a sample that produces results that meet the expectations of researchers



Question 7

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Which of these is NOT a typical part of an experiment?

Correct Answer


manipulation of mediators



random assignment of participants to groups



two or more treatments, dosage levels, or interventions


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assessment of the outcome variable



Question 8

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The main purpose of using random assignment in a research study is to:



increase the ability to make cause-effect inferences between variable



increase the external validity of a study



increase the ability to generalize the results of a study to a larger population



make the sample resemble the population as closely as possible



Question 9

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What percentage of scores are within three standard deviations from the mean?















Question 10

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Approximately two-thirds of all values in the standard normal distribution fall within how many standard deviations of the mean?

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