This Question Paper consists of two Sections, viz., ‘A’ and ‘B’.
(ii) All questions from Section ‘A’ are to be attempted.
(iii) Section ‘B’ has two options. Candidates are required to attempt questionsfrom one option only.
{ZX}e : (i) Bg ‡ÌZ-nà _| Xmo I S> h¢—I S> “A’ VWm I S> “~’ü&
(ii) I S> “A’ Ho$ g^r ‡ÌZm| H$mo hb H$aZm h° &
(iii) I S> “~’ _| Xmo$ {dH În h¢ & narjm{W©`m| H$mo Ho$db EH$ {dH În Ho$ hr ‡ÌZm| Ho$ CŒma XoZo h¢ &
1. Name the type of root modification found in Cuscuta. What is its function? 1H$ÒHw$Q>m (A_a~ob) H$s OãS> Ho$ Í$nmßVaU _| nm`r OmZo dmbr {H$Ò_ H$m Zm_ ~VmBEü& CgH$m H$m`© ^r
2. Draw a neat diagram of anaphase stage of mitosis in an animal cell. 1‡mUr-H$mo{eH$m _| g_gyÃr {d^mOZ H$s nÌMmdÒWm H$m EH$ Òd¿N> AmaoI ~ZmBEü&
3. A person has swelling on the front of his neck. Name the disease he is suffering
from and the cause of it. 1EH$ Ï`{∫$ H$s JX©Z Ho$ gm_Zo dmbo ^mJ na gyOZ Am J`r h°ü& Cg amoJ H$m Zm_ ~VmBE {Oggo dh
nr{ãS>V h° Am°a Bg amoJ H$m H$maU ^r ~VmBEü&
4. A person suffered from smallpox at the age of ten years and thereafter he never
had it during his lifetime. Which type of immunity the person has developed? 1EH$ Ï`{∫$ H$mo Xg df© H$s Am`w _| MoMH$ {ZH$br Wr Am°a CgHo$ ~mX Cgo OrdZ n`©›V MoMH$ Zht
{ZH$brü& ~VmBE {H$ Bg Ï`{∫$ _| {H$g ‡H$ma H$s ‡{Vajm CÀnfi hmo J`rü&
5. Define the term ‘ecosystem’. What are the principal components of an
ecosystem? 2″nm[aVßÃ’ e„X H$s n[a^mfm {b{IEü& EH$ nm[aVßà Ho$ ‡_wI KQ>H$m| Ho$ Zm_ ~VmBEü&
6. Draw a simple diagram to show circulatory system of cockroach and label any
three of the following parts : 2heart; dor sal si nus; perivisceral si nus; perineural si nus
{VbM≈>o Ho$ n[agßMmar Vßà H$mo Xem©Zo dmbm EH$ gab AmaoI ~ZmBE Am°a {ZÂZ{b{IV _| go {H$›ht VrZ
^mJm| H$mo Zm_mß{H$V H$s{OE :
ˆX`; n•> H$moQ>a (gmBZg); n`©VaßJ H$moQ>a (noar{dgab gmBZg); n[aVß{ÃH$m H$moQ>a (noar›`yab gmBZg)
7. When the stem of a herbaceous plant is cut few inches above its base with a
sharp knife, water is seen oozing out from the cut end. Name the phenomenon.
Why does it happen? 2O~ {H$gr emH$s` nm°Yo Ho$ VZo H$mo EH$ VoµO Yma dmbo MmHy$ go nm°Yo Ho$ AmYmar ^mJ Ho$ Hw$N> BßM D$na
go H$mQ>m J`m V~ H$Q>o h˛E ^mJ go nmZr {ZH$bVm h˛Am {XIm`r nãS>mü& Bg n[aKQ>Zm H$m Zm_ ~VmBEü&
~VmBE Eogm ä`m| hmoVm h°ü&
8. Suppose a plant in your garden is not growing in height. Name the plant
hormone that can be used to solve this problem. Mention another function of
this hormone in plants. 2_mZ br{OE AmnHo$ ~JrMo _| H$moB© nm°Ym bß~mB© _| Zht ~ãT> ahm üh°ü& Cg nmXn hm_m}Z H$m Zm_ ~VmBE
{Ogo Bg g_Ò`m H$mo Xya H$aZo Ho$ {bE ‡`w∫$ {H$`m Om gH$Vm h°ü& nm°Ym| _| Bg hm_m}Z H$m H$moB© A›`
H$m`© ^r ~VmBEü&
9. Why is genetic code said to be degenerate in nature? 2AmZwdß{eH$ Hy$Q> Ho$ ÒdÍ$n H$mo Anım{gV ä`m| ~Vm`m OmVm h°?
10. Why should we conserve natural resources? Give two points. 2h_| ‡mH•${VH$ gßgmYZm| H$m gßajU ä`m| H$aZm Mm{hE? Xmo H$maU ~VmBEü&
11. List any four ways by which AIDS is transmitted. 4{H$›ht Mma {d{Y`m| H$s gyMr ~ZmBE {OZHo$ H$maU AIDS H$m gßMmaU hmoVm h°ü&
12. Define the term ‘tissue’. Mention two structural characteristics of epithelial
tissue of an animal. Which category of epithelial tissue is found in the lining of
kidney tubules? Mention its function in kidney. 4″D$VH$’ e„X H$s n[a^mfm {b{IEü& {H$gr ‡mUr Ho$ E{nWr{b`_r D$VH$ H$s Xmo gßaMZmÀ_H$ {deofVmAm|
H$s MMm© H$s{OEü& d•∏$ Z{bH$mAm| Ho$ AÒVa _| nm`m OmZo dmbm E{nWr{b`_r D$VH$ {H$g loUr _| AmVm
h°? d•∏$ _| CgH$m ä`m H$m`© h°?
13. Draw a neat diagram showing microscopic structure of testis of man and label
the following : 4(a) Seminiferous tubule
(b) Vasa efferentia
(c) Rete testis
(d) Testicular lobe
_mZd Ho$ d•fU H$s gy˙_Xeu gßaMZm H$mo Xem©Zo dmbm EH$ Òd¿N> AmaoI ~ZmBE, Am°a Cg_| {ZÂZ{b{IV
H$m Zm_mßH$Z H$s{OE :
(H$) ewH´$OZH$ dm{hH$mE±
(I) ewH´$dm{hH$m
(J) d•fU Om{bH$m
(K) d•fU nm{bH$m
14. Two men claimed paternity of a two-month-old baby. Suggest the modern
genetic technique that can be used to identify the real father of the baby.
Enumerate this technique in three steps. 4Xmo Ï`{∫$`m| Zo Xmo _mh Ho$ EH$ ~Éo H$m {nVm hmoZo H$m Xmdm {H$`mü& Cg AmYw{ZH$ AmZwdß{eH$ VH$ZrH$
H$m gwPmd Xr{OE {Ogo ~Éo Ho$ dmÒV{dH$ {nVm H$s nhMmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE ‡`w∫$ {H$`m Om gHo$ü& Bg
VH$ZrH$ Ho$ VrZ MaUm| H$s gyMr ~ZmBEü&
15. Suggest three ways by which people working in nuclear establishments can be
protected against nuclear radiation. Why are nuclear wastes disposed in lead
containers? 4CZ VrZ {d{Y`m| H$m gwPmd Xr{OE {OZgo Zm{^H$s` ‡{V>mZm| _| H$m`© H$a aho bmoJm| H$s Zm{^H$r`
{d{H$aUm| go gwajm H$s Om gHo$ü& Zm{^H$s` Ad{eÔ>m| H$m {ZnQ>mZ grgo Ho$ nmÃm| Ho$ ^rVa aI H$a ä`m|
{H$`m OmVm h°?
16. How is the level of hormone in man maintained through feedback mechanism?
Explain briefly by giving a suitable example. 4_ZwÓ` _| hm_m}Zm| H$m ÒVa nwZ^©aU ‡Umbr ¤mam {H$g ‡H$ma ~Zm`o aIm OmVm h°? EH$ Cn`w∫$ CXmhaU
XoVo h˛E gßjon _| Ï`mª`m H$s{OEü&
17. What are transgenics? How are transgenic plants produced using
Agrobacterium tumefaciens? Describe in brief. 4nmaOrZr ä`m hmoVo h¢? EJ´mo~°äQ>r[a`_ Q>y_r\o${g`›g H$m Cn`moJ H$aVo h˛E nmaOrZr nmXn {H$g ‡H$ma
‡m· {H$`o Om gH$Vo h¢? gßjon _| ~VmBEü&
18. Briefly explain the fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane. How does
transport of small molecules occur across it? Explain any two. 6flbmµ¡_m {PÑr (Ord–Ï` {PÑr) Ho$ ‚bwBS> _moµOoH$ _m∞S>b H$s gßjon _| Ï`mª`m H$s{OEü& ~VmBE {H$ Bg
{PÑr Ho$ Ama-nma N>moQ>o AUwAm| H$m n[adhZ {H$g ‡H$ma hmoVm h°ü& {H$›ht Xmo {d{Y`m| H$s Ï`mª`m
19. What are the two criteria for an element to be essential for a plant? State two
functions each of magnesium and phosphorous. 6EH$ nm°Yo Ho$ {bE AmdÌ`H$ {H$gr VŒd H$s Xmo H$gm°{Q>`m± H$m°Z-gr h¢? _°ær{e`_ Am°a \$m∞Ò\$moag _| go
‡À`oH$ Ho$ Xmo H$m`© ~VmBEü&
20. Using punnet square, work out a dihybrid cross between homozygous round
yellow and wrinkled green seed varieties of a pea plant. Identify the Mendelian
principle which the F2
phenotypic ratio refers to. 6nZoQ> dJ© H$m Cn`moJ H$aVo h˛E _Q>a Ho$ nm°Yo Ho$ g_`wΩ_Or Jmob nrbo Am°a PwauXma hao ~rOm| Ho$ ~rM
{¤gßH$a gßH$aU (H´$m∞g) H$am`o OmZo na ‡m· gßV{V kmV H$s{OEü& Cg _o›S>obr` {Z`_ H$mo nhMm{ZE
{OgH$m ‡_mU F2
_| \$sZmoQ>mBn AZwnmV go {_bVm h°ü&
21. Explain the role of the following in the digestion of food in human body : 6(a) Succus entericus
(b) Hydrochloric acid
_mZd eara _| ^moOZ Ho$ nmMZ _| {ZÂZ{b{IV H$s ^y{_H$m H$s Ï`mª`m H$s{OE :
(H$) g∏$g E›Q>o[aH$g
(I) hmBS¥>moäbmo[aH$ AÂb
I S>ç~
{dH ÎnçI
( Tools and Techniques of Biol ogy )
( Ord{dkmZ _| CnH$aU Edß VH ZrH|$ )
22. Name two plants used for keeping in aquarium. 1ObOrdembm (Eoπo$[a`_) _| aIo OmZo dmbo Xmo nm°Ym| Ho$ Zm_ ~VmBEü&
23. Give the scientific name of fruit fly. 1\´$yQ> ‚bmB© H$m d°km{ZH$ Zm_ ~VmBEü&
24. Your teacher has asked you to collect amoeba for an experiment. How will you
culture it in the laboratory? 2AmnHo$ A‹`mnH$ Zo EH$ ‡`moJ H$aZo Ho$ {bE AmnH$mo A_r~m EH${ÃV H$aZo Ho$ {bE H$hm h°ü& ‡`moJembm
_| Amn BgH$m {H$g ‡H$ma gßdY©Z H$a|Jo?
25. What is a preservative? State the composition of Bouin’s fluid. 2n[aajH$ ä`m hmoVm h°? ~moBZ Vab H$m gßKQ>Z ~VmBEü&
26. (a) State any three differences between a simple microscope and a compound
(b) How are the plant specimens dried and preserved for preparing
herbarium? 6(H$) EH$ gab Am°a EH$ Hß$nmC S> gy˙_Xeu Ho$ ~rM H$moB© VrZ AßVa ~VmBEü&
(I) h~}[a`_ ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE nmXn Z_yZm| H$mo {H$g ‡H$ma gwIm`m Am°a n[aa{jV {H$`m OmVm h°?
{dH ÎnçII
( Eco nomic Bi ol ogy )
( Am{W©H$ Ord{dkmZ )
22. Name two exotic breeds of cattle. 1_do{e`m| H$s Xmo {dXoer Zgbm| Ho$ Zm_ ~VmBEü&
23. Give the scientific name of the cuttlefish. 1H$Q>b{\$e H$m d°km{ZH$ Zm_ ~VmBEü&
24. Your brother cultivates mushroom on a commercial scale. Suggest two ways to
preserve it for a long time. 2AmnH$m ^mB© Ï`mnm[aH$ ÒVa na _eÍ$_ (Hw$Hw$a_wŒmm) H$s IoVr H$aZm MmhVm h°ü& Hw$Hw$a_wŒmm| H$mo bÂ~r
Ad{Y Ho$ {bE n[aa{jV H$aZo Ho$ {bE Xmo gwPmd Xr{OEü&
25. What is hydroponics? State one importance of hydroponics. 2Ob gßdY©Z ä`m h°? Ob gßdY©Z H$m EH$ _hÀd ~VmBEü&
26. (a) How does forest prevent soil erosion? Give three ways.
(b) Describe the structure of a modern beehive. 6(H$) dZ _•Xm-AnaXZ H$mo H°$go amoH$Vo h¢? H$moB© VrZ {d{Y`m± ~VmBEü&
(I) _Yw_äIr Ho$ AmYw{ZH$ N>Œmo H$s ~ZmdQ> H$m dU©Z H$s{OEü&

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