BLDG 3100 Construction Operations


Note: Each Question is worth 5 points = 210 points


True or False

T          F          Prime Contractors and General Contractors perform the same work.

T          F          OSHA only regulates safety rules for construction.

T          F          Heavy Construction involves building construction.

T          F          Larger earthmoving equipment has stabilized the heavy construction market.

T          F          Soil classifications are based on the building code.

T          F          Most materials swell when they are excavated.

T          F          The shrinkage of a material is most important when excavation is being performed.

T          F          A cubic yard of bank material weighs less than a cubic yard of loose soil.

T          F          A backhoe is an excellent general use piece of equipment.

T          F          A dozer excavates by cutting into the soil and pushing to a stockpile

T          F          Daily excavate removal is based on the capacity of the trucks.

T          F          Production during excavation is independent of the bucket size.

T          F          Trenchless technology is losing popularity due to excessive excavation.


T        F           Tower cranes are not used more often based on lack of versatility.


T        F           Owning Equipment is easier than leasing equipment.

T          F          The higher the concrete strength the more economical it is?

T          F          Concrete is sprayed with water during the curing process to keep it clean.


T          F          A low-cost type of compaction method is to allow vehicles to drive on the roadway for an extended period before paving.





Answer the 24 questions below:

  1. What are three (4) things a construction manager manages?



  1. List three (3) pieces of equipment used in the rock crushing process.




  1. What is the difference between aggregate and an admixture?



  1. What is the formula for concrete?



  1. What group sets the standards for concrete mixes?



  1. Why is bituminous concrete a preferred material in the Northeast?




  1. Why do we use an efficiency factor in production equations? Why is job efficiency important?



  1. Explain soil “Swell”, why do some site contractors cover the excavate piles?



  1. How many processes does aggregate typically go through before it is suitable for use?



  1. What is the relationship between an excavator’s daily capacity and truck hauling?



  1. What is OSHA and what does it do?



  1. What is the minimum depth for an excavation support system?



  1. What is the depth of frost in Massachusetts?




  1. What happens when the material used in cement concrete are mixed together?
  1. What are 3 factors that can drive up the cost of concrete?



  1. When is it more likely that a track boom crane would be used rather than a tower crane?




  1. What factors must be considered when determining how much weight a crane can lift safely?



  1. For one working day what costs would you include under the crane crew?




  1. What factors contribute to loss of efficiency in a hose?



  1. What makes an excavator so desirable, what ability does it have that changed the earthwork industry?




  1. What is excavation and why is it needed in building construction? What divisions outline the scope of Earthwork?




  1. Explain why when you dig a hole and then back fill and it the hole with the soil you had removed there is never enough soil to fill the hole up.




  1. Explain two different ways that construction managers evaluate production.




  1. Why is swing depth factor so important when calculating excavator production?








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