Brand Revitalization

Step 1. Watch one (1) of the following videos:

The Rise and Fall of J.Crew:

The Rise and Fall of Victoria’s Secret:

The Rise and Fall of Hummer:

The Rise and Fall of Cadillac:

The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry:

Step 2. Based on what you’ve seen in the video (and potentially other research you’ve done on the internet), why did the brand analyzed in the video start losing its strength and popularity? Go through the following factors and assess whether or not they may have played a role. Provide a supporting argument for your assessment — that is, explain why you think this factor did or did not play a role.

  1. Changes in consumer’s preferences, tastes, and/or values:
  2. Changes in consumers’ shopping patterns:
  3. Changes in competition:
  4. Changes in technology:
  5. Changes in government regulations or policies:

Step 3. How could this brand rise again? Consider the following marketing strategies. Go through each strategy in the list below and assess whether the strategy should or should not be a part of the brand’s marketing effort to make a comeback. Explain why.

  1. Expanding breadth of awareness (influencing consumers to use the brand’s product/service in a wider range of situations):
  2. Improving the brand image among vulnerable or lost customers (investing in efforts to recapture the interest of past customers who used to love the brand or current customers who are starting to feel uncertain about the brand):
  3. Attracting new customers (trying to find completely new customers; i.e., different age groups, different income groups, etc.):
  4. Repositioning the brand by establishing a more compelling point-of-difference:
  5. Adjusting/changing the 4 Ps (product, price, place, and/or promotion) of the brand:
  6. Improving brand elements (e.g., updating the brand’s name, logo, tagline):
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