business scenario

provide a visualization for each of the following, then summarize what the data is showing:

  • The current state of the U.S. automotive manufacturing industry
    • Sales by fuel type (electric, hybrid, gas)
  • Current automotive industry trends
    • The trend toward different types of motors for the vehicles being made and sold, such as electric and hybrid
    • Trends in customer demands such as vehicle color, extra features, and styles
    • Trends in the body types of vehicles sold (SUVs, trucks, sedans)
  • Trends in the new industry
    • Expected growth areas
    • Sales by type of products or services offered
    • Trends in customer demands

Then, provide a summary of all of the data visualized.

  • Summarize the collective data about both industries as a whole.
  • Determine what the data is not telling you about the new industry.

Part 2Analyze three decision making models and select the one model that is best suited for making your decision.

  • Analyze and provide an overview of the following three models and select one for use. Resources are listed in the Supporting Materials section.
    • The Rational Model
    • The Intuitive Model
    • The Recognition-Primed Model
  • Explain your choice of decision-making model.
    • Why does your selection make the most sense for this project?
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