Calc – 312 – 8045

  1. Define different perspectives and concepts of problem solving in diverse contexts and business situations. (C.L.O :1.2)
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity for efficient decision making with the problem owners and other stakeholders as either a team member or a team leader.  (C.L.O :3.1)
  3. Analyze ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face and employ ethical standards in all manners and circumstances.  (C.L.O :3.2)


Assignment Instructions for Part-I:

  • Log in to Saudi Digital Library (SDL) via University’s website
  • On first page of SDL, choose “English Databases”
  • From the list find and click on EBSCO database.
  • In the search bar of EBSCO find the following article:

Title:        “Case Study: When Two Leaders on the Senior Team Hate Each Other”

Author:                            Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly Baden

Date of Publication:        January–February 2019

Published:                        Harvard Business Review


Assignment Question(s):                                                        (Marks 15)

Read the case study titled as “When Two Leaders on the Senior Team Hate Each Other” by Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly Baden published in Harvard Business Review, and answer the following Questions:



  1. Identify the main problem and subproblems of the case? [Mark 1]


  1. Identify the causes of problem based on the following techniques? [Marks 3]
  2. Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique
    1. Why-1
    2. Why-2
    3. Why-3
    4. Why-4
    5. Why-5
  3. Develop a Cause-and-Effect Diagram


  1. What information should you gather, that would be helpful to know before making decision?                                                                                  [Mark 1]


  1. Develop a mind map for decision making,                            [2 Marks]


  1. Write all the alternative choices of your decision. As HR Manager, what will be your decision to resolve this issue and why?                                             [Mark 2]



  1. Weighing the alternatives   [Marks 2]

When weighing the various alternatives, how well each alternative fulfills the variables to consider can be expressed as scores. A different rating scale will be used to assess each alternative:


+2 very suitable

+1 quite suitable

0 neither suitable nor unsuitable

-1 not quite suitable

-2 not suitable at all


Note: Positive numbers (+2 or +1) indicate that the alternative is able to fulfill the variables, whereas negative numbers (-2 or -1) denote the opposite.


  1. Write the conclusion and overall assessment.                                          [Marks 2]




  1. HR Manager may face Ethical dilemma in resolving the issue and finding solutions. What could be possible ethical issues in the above case? [Marks 2]



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