Case Management

Community Case: Case Management- ANSWER QUESTION WILL FULL PARARGRAPH- No plagirism

Case Part 1

Florence Brown, a 67-year-old woman, recently spent 3 days in the hospital following a myocardial infarction (MI). Florence waited over an hour in the emergency room before it was determined that she had had an MI. She had two stents inserted while in the hospital. Florence has had hypertension for 20 years. Florence, who lives alone, will receive home health visits after discharge. The home health nurse, Judy Prescott, will provide the case management assessment for Florence and develop a comprehensive post-discharge plan to meet Florence’s physical, mental, and social needs.

Questions for students:

  • Why is continuum of care so important in the older population?
  • What are three key case management priorities that are evident from this brief description?
  • How do the signs and symptoms of MI differ between females and males?
  • Are women treated differently from men in regard to access to care?If so, what is the evidence?
  • What other information would be important to know regarding Florence’s hospital stay and discharge instructions to provide effective case management?
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