Case Study, Lincoln Park Case

Read the Managing meetings for results Case Study, Lincoln Park Case 10.1 in Chapter 10, and evaluate this case. Among your own observations, include in your analysis answers to the following questions:

  • Define the context of the Lincoln Park meeting.
  • Were most of the participants on the same page? Who was? Who wasn’t?
  • What were Clarke’s expectations for the meeting? Did her preparation for the meeting reflect those expectations?
  • Who is the “The Leader” of this meeting using the roles defined on p.116?
  • Did other participants appear to act in some of the ways noted on p.116?
  • In thinking about your personal experiences on teams (either at work or school), how might Cain’s ideas on the “New Groupthink” improved the team’s performance? Are her suggestions practical?

Write a two page memo from you to Clarke outlining how she needs to improve the way she manages meetings. What does she need to do NOW in order to get the Lincoln Park project back on track?


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