CIVL 519 Homework 4( R Studio)

lease help me with this assignment. There are two problems that I need help with. I have attached the specific instructions together with the excel data.

PROBLEM 1:1) Create CDFs of the profit for Plan 1 and Plan 2 over a 5-year analysis period. 2) Based on the provided uncertainties in the returns for 2 possible investments (see attached excel file), using the lottery equivalent method plot a personal utility function versus the possible returns of these investments. Then compute the utility of Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 using the utility functions.

PROBLEM 2:You are considering two possible investments this year and you have simulated the uncertaintiesin their returns. The uncertainties in their returns are listed in the attached CSV file for Alternative1 and Alternative 2.Question A: Using the lottery equivalent method, plot your personal utility function on a cardinalscale (y-axis) versus the possible returns of these investments (x-axis). Provide a brief descriptionaround the questions that led to that utility function.Question B: Compute the utility of Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 using the utility functions fromQuestion A.Question C: According to utility theory, which option would you go with (based on Question B)?Did your answer align with your gut instinct around which alternative you would prefer? (1paragraph)

*Please provide an answer sheet and include the corresponding excel spreadsheet and/or RStudio file.

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