Clinical Field Experience A: Language Focus



Clinical Field Experience A: Language Focus



Grade Level:                           Teacher Name:                                   Date of Observation:




Summary of your observation (Summary should be about 250 words):








Teacher Interview: Forms and Functions of Language. Ask your mentor teacher the following questions and record their responses below.


1.How do you address language form (vocabulary, grammar, and discourse specific to a particular content area) and language function (the purposes for communication/use of language in academic and social contexts) in your classroom?







  1. How do you address the relationship between verbal and written expression in your classroom?







  1. What strategies do you implement to support the various language needs of ELLs?



  1. How do you provide ELLs with content area instruction that meets grade level expectations, while supporting their English language development?








Think of 2 more questions to ask your mentor teacher regarding the practices they use with their EL students in the classroom. Put those questions below with their answers.








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