communication: negotiation

Give your paper a cover page (with title, your name, course title and number, etc.), and use headings and subheadings to organize your paper. Write an introduction (1-2 paragraphs), and discuss the situation and what you think negotiation will do for you.

2. Discuss negotiation in general (1-2 pages), including a definition and discussion of distributive and integrative negotiation. Use at least two sources in your discussion, not including the reading material in D2L or in the textbook.

3. Fill out four negotiation forms: (a) Identifying Your BATNA, (b) Setting Your Reservation Price, (c) Authority – Theirs and Yours, and (d) Preparing for a Negotiation. All four are located in Module 4 Assignments.

4. Then in your paper, discuss each form separately (1-2 pages) and what you learned by filling each out. Tell how prepared you feel for the actual negotiation experience.

5. After the negotiation experience (it may take several sessions), discuss the experience (1-2 pages) and what you learned. How helpful were the four forms that you filled out? Were your BATNA and reservation price realistic? How large was the ZOPA? What did you do to improve your BATNA? What was the outcome of your negotiation?

Discuss two other forms of conflict resolution or third-party intervention (1/2 page), mediation and arbitration, and predict (speculate) how they might have been useful in this situation or in a similar situation. Defend your choice of the best process (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) to use in this situation.

7. End with a summary and concluding remarks (up to 1/2 page, list your sources on a separate page, and also upload the four negotiation forms that you filled out.

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