Competitor stratiegies pt2

or this assignment you will choose one product or service that is offered by your selected organization. Next, you will research and determine the current stage in the Product Life Cycle of the selected product. Third, analyze the Marketing Mix for the existing company to help identify market challenges. Then develop 3 marketing strategies to help revitalize the product.

Address the following in your Analysis:


  • Is the product outdated?
  • Who is the intended target market? Is it the best target market?
  • What makes the product different than the competition? Who is the direct competition? Indirect?
  • Could changes make the product more desirable?
  • Is the current packaging appealing?
  • What image does the product reflect?


  • What is the current price? How does it compare to the competition?
  • Does this price reflect the image of the product?


  • Where is the product currently marketed?
  • Does the image of the place match the image of the product?
  • Does the place reach the intended target market?


  • What are current and past promotions for this product? What market segment do they appeal to? Are they successful? Why or Why not?
  • Describe a new creative promotion to revive product.

This paper should be no longer than one page in length. This does not include the Title and Reference pages. Aim for concise, well-detailed information.

Cite your sources using the APA Citation Format.

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