computer science

Assignment requirement is all the below points Write a paper describing how big data fits well on the Systems Model of Technology Evolution.

The paper should contain the following:

 What does the Systems Model with its considering multiple technologies and their relationships/Tech Lifecycles help to define how to manage Big Data

o Multiple technologies are involved with Big Data simultaneously – EXPLAIN

o Lifecycle of one technology can impact other lifecycles – EXPLAIN

o Big Data Software like Tableau has to always be updated to be compatible with changes to other technologies that provide data input – EXPLAIN

o Upgrades to Data Lake impact needs to update all other inputs into it – EXPLAIN

o Of the three scenarios of the Systems model, could anyone of them be in play at any one time – EXPLAIN WHY

o Any other information you can think of that is not on this list

o Conclusion

 Assignment Format: APA format

 Submission Format: MS Word

 Length: 10- 12 pages (not including cover & references pages)

 Citations Required: Mandatory Minimum 2 – 3 scholarly citations and 2 – 3 Professional Citations

Please ask the team to produce it without plagiarism, even if it is being extracted from online sources put it in own words as much as possible.

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