computer science

Begin the virtual lab on using Microsoft Access. The deliverable will be an Access database file.

Also submit any supporting documents such as Excel spreadsheets.

1. When deciding whether how to acquire an IT technology, it is useful to look at the total cost of ownership. a. Research the topic of total cost of ownership with respect to acquiring IT for a corporation: a software application that will require supporting hardware. Be sure to include citations to the sources that you use in your answer.

Consider three alternatives:

i. the local build option, buying hardware and custom development of the necessary software (either in-house or contract); ii. commercial-off-the-shelf solution, buying hardware and a commercial application; or

iii. subscribing to a Cloud service. Identify the factors in each scenario that must be considered as part of the total cost of ownership, both initial and on-going costs, and direct and indirect costs.

b. Other than total cost of ownership, what other factors do you think must be considered when deciding between the three options above?

2. Take the set of use cases you developed in the Module 2 virtual lab on UML use case and activity diagrams. From these use case, develop a list of system functional requirements like that for the library in the sequence of videos in Georgia Tech: Software Development Process. Add nonfunctional requirements to your list. From your requirements, following the analysis in Georgia Tech: Software Development Process, develop a high-level class diagram. You can use Visual Paradigm to draw the class diagrams.

3. One software development metric is lines of code (LOC) or source lines of code (SLOC). Research this topic and answer the questions below. Be sure to include citations of the sources that you use in your answer. a. How is the LOC or SLOC metric used in the software development process? That is, what does SLOC tell you about software that is being developed? b. How “accurate” is the LOC or SLOC metric? What factors affect the metric? c. Find estimates for LOC for some popular application

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