Computer Science Question

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  • Open Cisco Packet Tracer and place a 4321 router in the workspace.






  • Log in to the router. If prompted to enter the initial setup mode, answer no. Enter enable to enter into Enable Mode.  What does the prompt on the router display?




  • Enter configure terminal at the enable mode prompt. What does the prompt display?


Configuring the hostname of the router

  • To change the name of the router go into the global config of the router and type hostname R1 and press Enter. What does the prompt display after pressing Enter? ____________________________

Configuring the IP addresses for interfaces

  • Configure the GigabitEthernet port 0/0/0. In the global config of the router type in the following command:

interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/0      What does the prompt display? __________________________



  • Then type in:

ip address     Press Enter

no shutdown   Press Enter

exit      Press Enter

  • Now configure the GigabitEthernet 0/0/1. In the global config type in the following commands:

interface g 0/0/1

ip address

no shutdown


  • At the prompt type in show ip interface brief. Does the interfaces you configured show up in the list?  ______________________

Configuring the local host table

  • Configure the local host table put type in the following commands at the global config of the router:

ip host R2

ip host R3


  • To verify the configuration type in show hosts and press Enter. Do the hosts you created show up?  __________________

Saving and viewing the configuration

  • Type in copy run start. This will save all of the configuration into NVRAM so in case the router reboots, the configuration is saved.
  • Type in show run. Verify that all of the configuration you have done shows up in the running config.



End of Procedure

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