COP4610 – Computer Operating Systems

objective: To learn more about operating systems concepts through research and the analysis of two
modern operating systems.
Select, research, and compare two existing operating systems of your choice.
Use at least six technical research sources properly referenced (Wikipedia is NOT a technical reference)
Specifications are as follows:
Table of contents and overall presentation of report:
1. Introduction – describe the Operating Systems, give examples of types of computer systems that use
this OS (1 to 2 pages) and what are the requirements of these systems (example: hard real time, small
size, etc.)
2. What is the OS architecture (microkernel, layered, modular, or combination)
How are the major components of the system structured in the OS architecture? (1 to 2 pages)- use figures
***Be sure to properly cite all material taken from references
3. Describe some of the major functions of the system, discuss how they relate to the type of system (5
to 10 pages). Some suggestions below – discuss topics of interest/ relate to topics discussed in
• Process descriptor/ process states
• Threading – does the system support threading?
• Schedulers (long term, short term)?
• Scheduling algorithms used (Priority, Round Robin, MLQ, MLFQ, new algorithm)
• Synchronization techniques? Semaphores?
• How does the system handle deadlocks?
• Memory organization and management
• I/O management
***Be sure to properly cite any material taken from references
4. Evaluate the design. What is good about it? What are its limitations? How would you extend it? (1 to
3 pages) ***Evaluations must be entirely in your own words
5. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (about 10-12 slides) and include in the report.
6. References
Submit as a hard copy report. Report: 13-18 pages + PowerPoint presentation. Be prepared to do a presentation
in class (for life section).

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