Creating a Case Plan

For this assignment, you will complete your initial case plan for your client. Based on the information you have already gathered and written about your client’s situation and the resources available in your community, you are going to identify appropriate intervention strategies to help your client meet their stated goals.

Assignment Directions

Please write a paper based on the client scenario you have created, ensuring your responses reflect professional standards and expectations in the field.

Please addresses each of the following:

  • Briefly summarize your client’s demographics, problem, needs, and goals.
  • Identify at least one theory of human services aligned with your client’s situation.
  • Apply that theory to identify and prioritize your client’s needs. Which issues would you work on first and why?
  • Use research to identify appropriate intervention strategies for your client.
    • Support your intervention strategies with a discussion of best practices and historical/current trends being used for the issues your client faces.
  • Describe how you would implement this intervention plan and discuss how you would measure client progress.
    • Remember to discuss how you would work with your client to overcome the barriers you identified in the Unit 6 project.




Assignment Guidelines

Your paper should be a maximum of 3 pages, not including the title and reference pages, and should include the following elements:

  • Title Page: Provide your name, assignment title, course and section number, and date.
  • Body: Include an introductory and a concluding paragraph. Answer all the questions, reflecting appropriate personal and professional insights.
    • The assignment must be written in Standard English and demonstrate superior organization, including a highly developed viewpoint and purpose that is clearly established and sustained. The communication of your thoughts must be highly ordered, logical, and unified, displaying exceptional content, organization, style, and mechanics (including the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure).
    • Your responses should reflect professional writing standards, using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct and accurate, and reflect knowledge of human services in youth and family services and administration.
  • Reference Page: Sources listed in APA format.
    • Include a minimum of two sources to support your responses and conclusions. One can be from a previous text in your program. The other should be from a peer-reviewed journal or article found in the Purdue Global Library.
  • Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced and left-aligned.
  • Use standard 1″ margins on all sides.


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