criminal justice:probable cause declaration

write the probable cause declaration (Statement of Probable Cause) of your search warrant. First you need to do a face page, Review the explanation for how to complete the face page in Search Warrant Part 1 lecture.

You will use the information provided in exercise #1 to obtain the needed details for your declaration. All is attached again. The face page template is attached as-well.

If the information is not provided then you need to use your imagination and be creative to provide missing information. Your search warrant declaration should have the following information:

  • Search warrant affidavit (Declaration sworn by YOU that the information is true and correct).
  • Location to be searched and items to be seized.
  • Probable Cause Declaration (Statement of Probable Cause)
    • “Hero sheet”
    • Facts that establish probable cause
    • Explanation as to why the items search for will be found
    • Crimes committed by the defendant
    • -1. The search warrant should be in narrative form The face page of the warrant should be descriptive and have all the proper information.
    • 2. The probable cause declarations should be describing in detail what occurred and what you did in a clear, concise, and chronological order.
    • 3. The length of the probable cause declaration should be a is minimum 1 full page (single spaced) (There is freedom in this assignment to be creative and fill in gaps that may have not been covered but that you think should be done as an Investigator/Detective. Think like an Investigator/Detective. You are asking a judge to allow you to enter a person’s home and search it for evidence of a crime. Take your time and proofread your work!
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