CRMJ-1020-Intro to the Legal Process

Answer questions 1-11 separately with 4-5 sentences for each question.

If you use a source make sure to cite your work, NO PLAGIARISM!

1. For purpose of an aggravated assault or aggravated battery charge, explain what may constitute a “deadly or dangerous weapon.”

2. List and explain the defenses available to a defendant charged with the crime of assault or battery.

3. Compare and contrast the crimes of kidnapping, hostage taking, and false imprisonment.

4. List the three exceptions to the rape shield laws and explain their purpose.

5. Explain how robbery differs from extortion, Provide some examples of extortion.

6. Compare and contrast bribery and extortion. State an example of a crime which includeds both bribery and extortion.

7. Explain the clash between the federal government and several states over the medical use of marijuana.

8. List the elements the prosecution must prove to obtain a RICO conviction.

9. Explain the purpose of the offense of obstruction of justice. Provide examples of how this crime may be committed.

10. State the definition of white-collar crime. List some examples of this type of crime. Provide an example of a famous white-collar criminal and explain his or her crime.

11. Explain the difference between DUI 1st and DUI 2nd offense based upon Tennessee Law.

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