CSDD1006 – Business Database Systems

Version 1.


  1. For the table, Book, populate the table with 50 rows using SQL*Loader ( you can make up data yourself or use https://mockaroo.com/ to generate data). Use a sequence to populate the column, ISBN. Populate any column (other than ISBN) with VARCHAR data type with lower case values.


  1. Create a user-defined function that accepts a string data type and converts the string to all upper case. This function should return the string all in upper case.


  1. Create a stored procedure that calls the function in step 2 and use the function to convert the columns in the Book table that have VARCHAR data type to upper case. Don’t use the UPDATE command from SQL Developer since this is an exercise for you to use the Oracle PL/SQL procedures and functions.


Send me screenshots for each step above as well as your code for the function and procedure and the control file for SQL*Loader.



Your work will be graded as follows:


Use SQL*Loader to Insert Rows                30

Create the User-Defined Function            35

Create the Stored Procedure                     35





















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