Cultural Appropriateness Article Reflection


Assess the need for developmentally and culturally appropriate communication practices in and out of an early childhood education setting.


Your program’s Parent Advisory Board (PAB) has indicated its desire to understand more about ensuring cultural appropriateness across the program’s communication efforts. Therefore, the PAB has assigned to you the task of finding a research-based article that addresses cultural appropriateness in early childhood education, and then providing a summary of your selected article as a training piece about this topic.


Research and select a professional article published by a reputable source (not or Wikipedia) that addresses cultural appropriateness in early childhood education. Construct reflection paper in APA format, that includes the following components:

  • Summary of the article’s content.
  • Your assessment of the article’s suggested practices.
  • A reflection on two specific examples of how you will apply these practices toward increased communication in an early childhood setting.

The reflection should also include:

  • Professional language, including proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Reference page with an APA formatted reference that matches the article you chose.
  • Intext citations (in APA format) showing where your reference is referred to within your content.


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