cultural evolution

What are some of the key explanations offered by others for why agriculture emerged in different places around the world as reviewed by Richerson et al. (2001)?

What why Richerson et al. think agriculture emerged when it did? (Hint: see their two propositions

Why do Richerson et al. think that agriculture was inevitable around the world? (Hint: see their two propositions)

Do you agree with Richerson’s et al’s idea that a diet based entirely on plant foods is not ideal?

What processes might interrupt their model for plant intensification? (Hint: see table 2).

Complete/answer the following questions in your reading comment:

Provide a brief 1-2 sentence summary of the reading.

How do Richerson’s et al. (2001) ideas about population and food supply compare to those of Malthus?

How does Richerson et al’s point of view differ from Cohen who they mention in the text. Look up what Cohen thought about this online.

What, specifically, is important about the behavior of climate in the Pleistocene as opposed to the Holocene that Richerson et al. think encouraged agriculture?

How do they think innovation plays a role in altering the carrying capacity of the land?

Don’t forget to end by asking bringing up questions you have about the readings. Was there anything you did not understand?

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