Current Events #1 Assignment

Current Events #1 is due to be submitted in Canvas by Sun 1/23, @ 11:59 pm.  Please read the Current Events explanation in the Assignments Info module labeled Current Event. There is also a sample Current Event there for you to review.

Your Current Event can be related to anything we have discussed in Weeks 1, or 2. For example, Leadership, Stock Market, SWOT analysis, Stimulus efforts of the Govt, etc.

Please research an article related to those topics and write a 1-2 page synopsis. Less than 1 full page is not acceptable! It is your choice as to where the information comes from and you have quite a bit of freedom.

Please include the source of your material and a link or URL at the bottom of your work, and put it in a Word Doc  (Docx). Your work should have a Title. Please do not just copy the article word for word because Turnitin will tell you and me how much of the article you copied or plagiarised. You can resubmit your assignment if Turnitin shows a high word match %. Use your own words.

Use your own explanation of your take-a-way from the article and give me your opinions. That is most important. Give me your conclusion, your opinion and substantiate your position. I believe this way because of, here is my opinion, and why…. I agree or disagree because, this matters to me because it affects me how…Make us care about what is important to you.

It should be in 12 pt font and Times New Roman. If you have trouble submitting your work, always look to change your browser. I use Chrome and it normally works well.  Firefox next. Internet Explorer and Safari not soo.


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