Cyber Security Question


Objective: Perform various exploitation and post-exploitation techniques on the target system (Metasploitable) and make a summary report from this PenTest

Due: 03/25/2021 (Thr) 11:59 pm (submit your file in pdf format)

Point: 40pt

Exploitation #1 [25]

  1. Based on the (Nessus) report you created from the Scanning phase, use the Metasploit Framework to exploitthe system.

    Perform two exploits using the lecture note. Prove that you got into the target system.

    1. Use “unreal_ircd_3281_backdoor” with “CVE 2010‐2075” (from the lecture note)

    2. Use “Bind Shell Backdoor Detection” (from the lecture note)

    3. Summarize the exploitation process & results

    4. Please add images for every step you performed

  2. Try to explain the vulnerability you exploited and what to do to protect the system

Exploitation #2 [7]

  1. Use Armitage to exploit Metasploitable and provide snapshots for every stage you’ve done

  2. Try to explain the vulnerabilities you’ve exploited

Post-exploitation [8]

  1. Use NetCat to upload Nmap executable file to Metasploitable

    1. In Kali, executable files (Nmap) go into /usr/bin, resources into /usr/share, config files into /etc, and logs into /var/logs

    2. Find the Nmap executable file from your Kali, and upload the file to Metasploitable using the Netcat.

      *The uploaded Nmap executable file can be used for further scanning of the local network (which is not a part of the task)

      *Executable file in Linux doesn’t have *.exe like Windows. If you can see -rwxr-xr-x file permission from ls -l, that is an executable file.

    3. Show the process you’ve done by the screenshots



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