Assignment Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to use SQL commands to create and query a database.


  1. Open MySQL workbench.
  2. Choose one of the example normalization assignment databases:
    M2: Database Design – Normalization Employee Project Assignment
    M2: Database Design – Normalization Grey’s Rooming House Assignment
    M2: Database Design – Normalization Project Task Assignment
  3. Implement the tables. Be certain to assign the primary and foreign keys.
  4. Insert an appropriate amount of data (5-10 rows) in EACH table.
  5. Open a word document. Enter your name and date.
  6. Briefly summarize the database you selected in your word document.
  7. Run a “SHOW” query command to show the tables in your database schema.
    Screenshot your “SHOW” query results and paste them into your Word document.
  8. Select *From each table in your database to show the rows you inserted in step 4.
    Screenshot the results of *From for EACH table and paste in your Word document.
  9. Create and run 2 different queries (not already needed for other questions) that you think the users of this database may be interested in. Note: Do -not- use * in the query.
    Screenshot the results and paste into your Word document.
  10. Briefly describe why you chose these two queries.
  13. I choose Grey’s Rooming House Assignment
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