Databases Discussion

For this discussion board address the following:

  • Make an initial post.

    • Discuss Normalization. In your own words, explain what Normalization is. You may use the scenario below to help demonstrate your understanding of normalization rules.

    • Apply normalization rules. Create an ER diagram to display the third normal form of the data set listed below. When done, attach your ER diagram to your initial post. The initial posts are due on Wednesday evening at 11:59 p.m.

  • Respond to 2 students. Look at your classmates responses and evaluate their ER diagrams so that you can get a better concept of Normalization; look at the differences and similarities in your ER diagrams. Create conversation by responding to 2 other students posts (2 different replies). Replies to your classmates are due on Sunday evening at 11:59 p.m.


A veterinary office collectsthe following data for every pet that comes in for a service from their office. Determine an ER diagram showing the data set below that has been normalized.

VETERINARYOFFICE(petName, petType, petBreed, petDOB, ownerName, ownerPhone, ownerEmail, serviceDescription, serviceDate, amountBilled)

  • Review materials posted in M03 Reading and M03 Supplemental Materials.

  • With the information provided above, create a normalized ERD (third normal form) in for the entities in the Veterinary Office Database. *Note: A tutorial for can be found at the end of this discussion.

  • Once you’re done, attach a copy of your ERD to this discussion board

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